Romance is alive and well right here in beautiful Savannah!

Portrait of Hugh

This is Hugh.

A year ago, Hugh did something very special and married the woman of his dreams, Cassie, in a beautiful ceremony here in Savannah, Georgia.

Hugh and Cassie chose Harvey Designs for their wedding day floral needs. It was with great honor that we were able to fulfill those needs, including the bridal bouquet, which looked like this.

Bridal Bouquet.

Photo by Geoff L. Johnson

Cassie loved her bouquet, and Hugh loves Cassie, so for their first anniversary Hugh wanted to do something really special for his beautiful wife.

This led Hugh back to Amy Harvey. Typically, Amy is not a retail florist, but she always holds a soft spot in her heart for past clients and when she heard Hugh’s request she had to say yes.


This is Hugh, and with Hugh is an arrangement of flowers created by Amy Harvey. These flowers are for his beautiful wife for their first anniversary. The arrangement is designed from her beautiful wedding bouquet.

Now who says romance is dead?


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