Sweet Somethings For the Little Ones: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah Georgia

There is no denying that on her wedding day, a bride is the most beautiful woman in the world. The second most beautiful person in the wedding, however, is up for debate, is it the mother of the bride? Is it the bridesmaids? For many folks it is the sweet little niece, or nephew, or god child, that shyly ambles down the aisle in the prerequisite duty they must perform who steals second place. Surely such an honored position deserves accessories of honor.

White Dendrobium Orchid in Hair

Courtesy of Christine Hall Photography

A sweet, innocent white dendrobium orchid is delicate enough for this flower girl’s hair.

Blush Rosebud Flower Girl Halo

Courtesy of Nichole Barrali Photography

A variety of flowers can be used to create a halo; whatever you choose is sure to make your flower girl feel like a princess.

Blush Rose Wristlet

Courtesy of Christine Hall Photography

This little wristlet is a tender cluster of blush ranunculas and ivory ribbon. Harvey Designs has a wonderful little trick for making sure the wristlet is comfortable on your little friend.

White Hydrangea Flower Ball with Brown Ribbon

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening

Red Rose Flower Ball with Gold Ribbon

Courtesy of Jade McCully Photography

In the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of pomanders. Each pomander is as unique as your ceremony, and an elegant statement for your little flower girl. Above are two very different pomanders; one, a casual white hydrangea with a beautiful polka-dotted chocolate ribbon, the other; a very formal, elegant pomander of red roses with a gold chiffon ribbon.

Yellow Freesia Boutonniere

Courtesy of Amy Nieto Photography

For the little man in your ceremony, a boutonniere is always appropriate. Occasionally, a miniature variety of the groomsmens’ boutonniere flower is the perfect solution. This beautiful yellow freesia boutonniere is as eye catching as it is fragrant.

Moss Ring Pillow with Blue Ribbon and White Orchid

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

Green Moss Pillows with Beige Ribbons and Blue Berries

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

While these adorable moss ring pillows are perfect for a spring wedding, they are certainly not limited to that season. What a spectacular prop for your little ring bearer to present your rings! Moss pillows are easily matched to your ceremony using coordinating ribbons and flowers.

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