A Tree For Every Season: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah GA

A tree is a stately, magnificent thing. It can also be a lacy whirl of girlish fancy. Trees are wisdom and longevity and roots. It is not surprising then that we have seen an increase in the amount of brides choosing trees as a focal point in their centerpieces. But, as with every example of wedding decor, there are as many styles of tree and branch centerpieces as there are brides.

Green Cymbidium Orchids, Pink Gerbera Daisies, Pink Peonies, Pink Roses, White Hydrangea, Pink Cherry Blossom

Courtesy of Amy Nieto Photography

This gorgeous centerpiece was used to draw attention to the escort card table at a recent spring wedding. The peonies, roses, gerbera daisies and submerged orchids are, alone, enough to draw the eye, but with the addition of the sweeping apple blossom branch, this centerpiece will stop your guests dead in their tracks.

Silver Branches, Green Mini Cymbidium Orchids

Courtesy of Turtle Pond Photography

While this arrangement appears to make use of a flowering branch, this gem is a trick of the trade. A beautiful silver branch is used as the base for stunning green mini cymbidium orchids. No one would ever know these flowers didn’t blossom forth from this branch!

Curly Willow, Purple Cymbidium Orchids

Courtesy of Geoff L. Johnson Photography

Curly Willow, Orange Dendrobium Orchids, Cranberries

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

Both of these arrangements use another trick of the trade. Leis of dendrobium orchids, suspended from curly willow, give the impression that the branches are laden with natural blooms. The purple dendrobium orchid leis lend themselves beautifully to spring and summer, while the orange Mokara orchid leis, alternated with cranberries, sing of the fall season.

Rosemary, Limes, Purple Hydrangea

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

This petite, sweet topiary is constructed of rosemary and limes which are anchored in a pot of purple hydrangea blooms and ivy. Not only does this little centerpiece draw the eye, it smells wonderful too!

Silver Tree with Crystals

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

This tree is a totally inorganic piece that commands attention. The crystals and hanging votives add atmosphere to your guests’ tables, while the surrounding submerged arrangements of purple dendrobium orchids add the requisite flair of floral color.

Gold Branches, Hanging Crystals

Courtesy of Tim Willoughby Photography

Votive candles set off the warm glow of these gold branches with strands of crystals hanging from them. The monochromatic centerpiece elegantly compliments the splash of color created by the teal napkins.

Palm Fronds, Bamboo, Hydrangea, Orchids, Sea Shells

Courtesy of WE Photographers

Standing at just under five feet tall, this centerpiece uses blue hydrangea, white cymbidium orchids, white dendrobium orchids, hanging amaranthus, and a variety of palm tree greenery to bring the tropical island air indoors.


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