Splendid Spring Bouquets: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah Georgia

With springtime comes perfect weather, and with perfect weather comes the perfect climate to grow some of the most beautiful flowers of the year. Perfect spring bridal bouquets showcase these wonderful flowers and all of the delightful hues that come with the season. Below is a small sampling of some of our favorite spring bridal bouquets.

Peach Roses, Peach Calla Lilies, Green Hydrangeas

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

This beautiful bouquet is a wonderful swirl of peaches and pale greens. The darker peach rose is a perfect standard rose, while the pale peach rose is a sweet garden rose. A touch of pink is brought to the bouquet in a peachy-pink calla lily and the soft minty hue of spring is provided by a long standing favorite; hydrangea.

Pink Ranulous, Pink Peonies, White Calla Lilies, Pink Roses, Lily of the Valley, Kiwi Branch

Courtesy of Christine Hall Photography

This exquisite bouquet is a delightful arrangement of pale pink peonies, hyacinth, and standard roses with a slightly darker pink ranuculus and sweet pea. The pinkness of the bouquet is softened with white calla lilies and lily of the valley and accented with kiwi vine and greenery.

Coral Roses, Coral Poppies, Coral Parrot Tulips, White Peonies, White Tulips

Courtesy of Ryan Smith Weddings

In a daring display of spring color, this bouquet combines some of the most wonderful spring flowers. The wonderful coral color is seen in the standard roses, poppies and wonderful parrot tulips. Lightness is brought to the bouquet in white peonies, tulips and ranunculus.

Blue Delphinium, Purple Sweetpeas, Peach Roses, Pink Wax Flower, Lily of the Valley

Courtesy of Christine Hall Photography

Not seen as much as in days gone by, this amazing waterfall bouquet makes you wonder why! A gorgeous combination of lavendar sweet peas, blue delphinium, blush standard roses and ivory ranunculus. White lilac and pink wax flower give this bouquet a wild garden air that truly makes it unique.

White Tulips, White Roses, Bear Grass, Crystals

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

What says spring more than tulips? This simple bouquet of white tulips, white calla lilies and white standard roses is made stunning with the addition of bear grass loops and clear crystals.


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