When Understated Speaks to You; non-flowering decor: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah Georgia

While most of us generally think of flowers when we discuss wedding or party decor, it is sometimes (more often than one thinks) more prudent to adopt the less is more philosophy. This often times can be accomplished with a small centerpiece, but a good event design can and will be able to supply you with the luxury you want within the tasteful boundaries required.

This gorgeous center piece was used for a party with an understated beach theme. With lavish and elaborate buffet and mantle decor, as well as competing with the traditional decorating of the space, these simple but interesting centerpieces of a variety of shells, floating candles and bronze votive candles, really added to the decor, without being too much.

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers.

This sweet and simple cocktail arrangement adds a burst of color with purple dendrobium orchids, while the pearl nautilus shell adds an elegant touch of the sea.

Courtesy of Jade McCully Photography.

The bride and groom of this wedding wished to honor the groom’s mother by incorporating exotic fruit to represent the groom’s mother’s island home. Here, papaya and kumquats are the focus of the centerpiece, while the green mini cymbidium orchids are used for accent only.

Courtesy of Jade McCully Photography.

This  close up of kumquats with green mini dendrobium orchids is a lovely example of how adorable a centerpiece focused on something other than flowers can be.

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers.

This striking centerpiece is modern while not calling too much attention to its presence. The simple silver tree is decorated with crystals which are brought to life with hanging votive candles. The main element of the centerpiece is accented by three graduated cylinder vases, filled with submerged dendrobium orchids or silver manzanita and black river rocks, topped with floating candles.

Courtesy of Tim Willougby Photography

In a room as regal and  sophisticated as the Mansion On Forsyth Park’s ballroom, edited luxury is definitely a modern way to embellish your reception space. This sleek gold, natural tree branch accentuated with crystals which are brought to life by one of our favorite items, mercury glass hanging votives. The elegance of the centerpiece is duplicated in the simple but classic white hydrangeas and gold box containers.

Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photography

Technically, this is not a non-floral centerpiece since the bride has chosen to reuse the ceremony bouquets, and to use hens and chicks which do flower. But, the use of a potted succulent is a non traditional element which we have seen become more popular over the last few years. Using succulents is a green and subtle way of adding interest to your decor.


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