Below the Surface: Bouquet Wrappings. Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah Georgia.

When a bride begins planning her wedding, one of the first decisions she will make is which type of flower will represent her on the day she gets married.  From there, details will be narrowed down. Will the flowers be more garden-y, or more modern? What type of flowers will accent the premiere blooms? The details get smaller and smaller until everything is perfect. However, often times one detail gets over looked. While it doesn’t even cross the minds of most brides, how your event florist wraps your bouquet can add more than a little something to it. By adding sentimental tokens to the wrapping, the bride can keep loved ones close on her special day.

Image Courtesy of Open Light Studio

When this bride planned her Christmas wedding, she paid close attention to the fabric wrapping her beautiful bouquet of white amaryllis, winter greenery and mistletoe. By using red velvet ribbon, along with pearl pins, the joy of the season is evident in this bouquet.

Image Courtesy of Christine Hall Photography

This intricate floral arrangement doesn’t require additional decoration, but the addition of green velvet binding, twine and diamond butterfly buttons adds that little something extra, taking this bouquet from beautiful to exquisite.

Image Courtesy of Laura Leslie Photography

This bouquet, as well as the two which follow, utilizes a more simplistic neutral satin ribbon. The loveliness of the wrapping comes from the addition of  an heirloom brooch which not only adds a piece of interest, but keeps absent loved ones close on a special day.

Image Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

Image Courtesy of Tim Willoughby Photography

This bouquet is also wrapped with a base of ivory ribbon but uses a wide blue satin ribbon to add a rush of color. By accenting the ribbon with her grandmother’s brooch, the bride carried her old, new, borrowed and blue down the aisle on her wedding day.

Image Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening

Magnificent peonies require nothing to make them more stunning, however, this simple white grosgrain ribbon embellished with a delicate blue button adds an elegant hint of “something blue” while letting the peonies shine.

Image Courtesy of Geoff L. Johnson Photography

By entwining her rosary in white satin ribbon with looping bows, this bride keeps something of her own close at hand during her wedding.

Image Courtesy of Jade McCully Photography

The preceding and following images represent very, very special bouquets. Not only has each bride chosen an elegant wrapping (bronzed satin ribbon, above, and gold sheer ribbon, below), but both brides used small photographs to pay homage to a person whose absence is sorely felt, especially on a girl’s wedding day; her father.

Image Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers


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