Awakening 2010: Harvey Designs Helps JCB Celebrate Product Launch with Custom Elegant Floral Arrangements.

Flowers and heavy machinery are rarely associated with each other, let alone placed under one large airplane hangar of a roof. However, when one of the leading manufacturers of heavy equipment decides to celebrate a new product launch you dress up everything.

Harvey Designs 2010A compliment to the modern and clean lines of the machinery, the calla lilies featured in these arrangements stood out against the black wall and delicate orchids added softness against the rigid stems of the calla lilies.   The gold twisted willow lent an organic feel.  All this was neatly and simply enclosed in a tall glass vase to keep the arrangement light.  Three votives in mottled gold holders mirrored the gold twisted willow and added light to the dark table coverings.

Harvy Designs 2010The old Savannah Airport provides plenty of room for JCB to house it’s North American Headquarters.  An airplane hangar provided room enough for the machinery to be on display while guests mingled and enjoyed a catered dinner from Chef Nick Mueller.

Harvey Designs 2010Each piece of equipment was beautifully lit by the crew from Stage Front.  A wall of black fabric also created a more intimate feeling in a very large space.

Lilies and backhoes aren’t likely to be paired together often, however, when a little creativity is thrown in the result is always something memorable.
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