Bold Bouts: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah Georgia

It is only expected for the bride to be the crowning glory of her wedding day, but, as it is a wedding, there is a second person who’s presence is nearly as important as the bride’s; that, of course, would be the groom. If the bride has selected a bold palette for her bouquet, it is almost assured that the groom will wear an eye-catching coordinating boutonniere. Besides identifying him as a valuable member of the wedding party, a bold boutonniere is striking against a suit lapel.

Nothing is more perfect for a Southern Savannah wedding than seersucker. Don’t let the stripes distract you though. When considering your boutonniere color, treat seersucker as you would a black tux: anything goes! This vibrant boutonniere of green mini cymbidium orchids and a fuchsia ranunculus looks dashing and is a perfect demonstration of that philosophy.

Image Courtesy of Christine Hall

A perfect spring flower, colorful and fragrant, Freesia (available in many vivid colors) makes an elegant boutonniere.

Image Courtesy of Jade McCully Photography

With the stripe of the seersucker and the stripe of the bowtie, this monochromatic orange dahlia compliments the blue perfectly without being too busy.

Image Courtesy of Scarlett Lillian Photography

Graceful phalaenopsis orchids need no accompaniment to enhance their attractiveness as a boutonniere. Their ample size on these two half-sized groomsmen adds a sweetness to the sophistication of the flower.

Image Courtesy of Geoff L. Johnson Photography

The use of rosemary gives these deep sunset orange ranunculus a wild garden feel, but the bold color ensures the flower still steals the show.

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