Hare/Bass-Featured Wedding: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah Georgia

It may have appeared that Nicole and Keays were fated to be star-crossed lovers. After meeting on a trip to Australia during high school and becoming friends, the timing never seemed right for the pair to be more than just that, friends.

Even when the stars finally aligned for the two to get together, Nicole and Keays had to suffer through a long distance relationship, seeing each other when their schedules permitted.

Fortunately for Keays, this arrangement offered the perfect opportunity to plan a surprise for Nicole. Under the ruse of a combined birthday party with his brother-in-law, Keays was able to have Nicole meet him in Napa Valley to join the festivities. However, when Nicole got there Keays proposed. The “birthday party” was actually a surprise engagement party.

Once the revelry of their engagement died down, Nicole and Keays had to begin planning their wedding; the first order of business being location. Neither the bride or groom to be wanted a hometown wedding and both were adamant that the location be a fun destination not only for themselves, but for their many traveling guests too. Once they visited Savannah, Nicole and Keays knew it was the perfect spot for them.

Because Savannah was a destination location for Nicole and Keays, they knew they would have to be very organized in order to have their wedding plans and day go smoothly. Nicole hired Tricia Huddas as her wedding coordinator, who then put Nicole in touch with Amy. One piece of advice Nicole has for future brides is bank on reputation. A bride wants her day to be perfect and when you hire the best, perfection is the natural outcome!

Nicole was delighted with Amy’s ability to help her select the most meaningful flowers to represent her ivory and white palette. It also impressed Nicole that Amy was able to incorporate just a little color, like the deep pink at the center of a white cymbidium orchid, to add colorful interest to the flower without detracting from Nicole’s desire for a monochromatic color scheme.

The pew markers of magnolia leaves and gardenia flowers give a very southern air to the ceremony, perfect for Forsyth Park!

With so many attendants to get up and down the aisle, Nicole and Keays kept the ceremony simple.

By adding gold curly willow to the centerpieces of tall calla lilies, white hydrangea and white dendrobium orchids, Amy delivered Nicole’s vision of traditional flower arrangements with a touch of modern class.

The smaller centerpieces of sweet peas, cymbidium orchids, white hydrangea and freesia are given their contemporary edge through the subtle use of mercury glass containers.

Nicole has so many special memories from the day of her wedding but one thing that really impressed her was how beautiful the park and the ballroom at the Mansion were on the day of her wedding. Amy was able to take these spaces and transform them into everything Nicole had hoped for.

Even though Nicole and Keays, through hiring the best Savannah has to offer, were able to relax and enjoy their wedding day, their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic was a welcomed respite full of “fun, sun and pina coladas!”

Ceremony: Forsyth Park

Reception: The Mansion At Forsyth Park

Cake: Savannah Custom Cakes

Photographer: Donna Von Bruening Photographers

Floral and Event Design: Harvey Designs


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