Candle Light: Harvey Designs, Event and Floral Design, Savannah GA

The only thing more romantic than candle light is candle light on your wedding day. Candles can be used to line an aisle, accent a special element in a space or accent a flower arrangement. With so many versatile applications, candles can be incorporated into any style of decor. If candle light is your wish for your special day, consider your wish granted.

As the main focal point of this center piece, the delicate flame of the candle is protected by a tall glass hurricane and surrounded by a flower ring of roses, hydrangea and eucalyptus.

Image Courtesy of Turtle Pond Photography

Clear glass vases adorned with floating candles and ribbon to match your wedding colors can be hung from any available space to add interest with color and candle light.

Image Courtesy of Catherine Lovett Photography

Hanging from the boughs of the beautiful oak trees in historic downtown Savannah, these lanterns, lit with oil lamps, add to the old world charm of a Savannah square.

Image Courtesy of Ben Dashwood Photography

In  harmonious balance, these little votive candles marry perfectly with the delicate flowers and tropical leaf of this cocktail table centerpiece.

Image Courtesy of Jade McCully Photography

Even during the day, candles can add a dramatic statement to an aisle.

Image Courtesy of Scarlett Lillian

But, the true drama comes to light as night falls.

Image Courtesy of Scarlett Lillian Photography

The fountain ledge at The Mansion On Forsyth Park surpasses elegant with embellished vases filled with crystals topped with candles. The addition of vases filled with fuchsia orchids adds a little color to the monochromatic ledge.

Image Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening Photographers

This long banquet table with its many place settings is not an ideal setting for large cumbersome centerpieces. The perfect solution is cylinder vases filled with elegant vanda orchids and tropical greenery, crowned with floating candles.

Image Courtesy of Christine Hall Photography

An abundant mix of wrought iron candle holders and glass hurricanes give this ceremony site an ethereal glow that is nothing short of divine.

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