SNEAK PEEK: Scottee and Jim 4-10-10 by Harvey Designs Savannah GA

Lately, the only yellow most of us have seen has been the coating of pollen on our cars (not fun).  Scottee and Jim’s wedding  this past weekend that featured yellow= lots of fun.  Here is a sneak peek.

Yellow was a big color in the floral design with white as an accent.

The setting for this very "garden chic a la Marie Antoinette" wedding was the Owens-Thomas House garden.

Beautiful parrot tullips, double tullips, daffodils, spirea and white phalaenopsis orchids were used to create the very elegant freeform arrangements.

Special thanks goes to Liz Demos for snapping a few photos while placing pillows and accessories in the garden.  Also to Marianne McBay at Wed Accompli for her coordination of the wedding.  Looking forward to seeing all of the detail shots of the wedding and reception from Donna Von Bruening.

As always, thanks for stopping by and having a read.  Come back soon to see more details of this wedding and other events that we do around the Savannah area.  Check out facebook and twitter to keep up to date on all that happens here at Harvey Designs.

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