When Overkill Works: Mixing it up with Harvey Designs ~ Event and Floral Design, Savanah Ga.

Usually, us creative types follow the “less is more” approach to avoid being labeled “too over the top” or “cheesy” right?  However, there are times when less isn’t enough.  Sometimes overkill just works.  It’s a very difficult balance to find.  Too much and it looks a mess with no purpose, too little and the “wow factor” is lost in a jumble of confusion.

Sometimes a large variety of flowers is a good thing.

When our friends at SEDA (Savannah Economic Development Authority) needed an arrangement for a dinner party we were more than happy to oblige!  We were not given any specific instructions other than an order for a few centerpieces, two being of a smaller size.  We love it when we get carte blanche!

The varied texture and colors makes for a visually stunning arrangement and keeps you coming back for more.   Before we delivered the centerpieces, I kept looking at them to discover new flowers hidden among the arrangement!

There are at least ten different kinds of flowers in this centerpiece.  Lilies, blue delphinium, sunflowers, bleeding hearts, cherry blossom branches, hydrangea, tulips and various greenery all together in a simple silver vase.  There is a lot going on in this arrangement, but it all coexists without one element over powering the other.

Beautiful mixture of color, texture, and shape.

While we were delivering we ran into our friend John Nichols who was catering this event.  It is always great to see friends when you are on the job.

We love the opportunity to work with great groups such as SEDA who are making such a positive impact on Savannah.

Finding the perfect balance between too much and not enough requires some trial and error.  Half the fun is experimenting with color and texture to figure out how certain flowers fit together and how one component will compliment the other pieces around it.

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