Wednesdays with Amy–Event Planning Series–How to Build a Wedding–Harvey Designs–Savannah, GA.

Most brides probably don’t realize all of the decisions that are necessary in planning a wedding.  You get the ring, pick a date, buy the dress and get married.  Not so simple.  Unless you are extremely organized and detail oriented, it can be a daunting task.  Even if you have always dreamed of the perfect wedding in your head,  an event designer can bring clarity to your vision and keep you on the right track to create a stunning wedding to reflect your personal style.

For the next few weeks, I want to explore the thought process that an event designer may go through to create your wedding.  I don’t believe that you always have to start in the same place with the planning.  Inspiration can come from many different areas.  The bride and groom should prioritize the importance of elements in their wedding such as location, venues, ceremony, reception, photography, decor, lighting, cake and music.  This will aid in the planning and create an inception point.

For our planning purposes, I am choosing to start with the venue, Jepson Center for the Arts.  I want to work with the modern, open atmosphere and incorporate vivid color.  Since I want peonies to be the focal flower and they are only in season for a month or so, the wedding will be held in the end of May.   The ceremony will be held downstairs and then the room will be flipped for the reception while guests enjoy cocktails in Telfair Square.  Since I want the tables to create an impact and carry the color scheme through the wedding, I want to choose the linens and table decor first.  With consideration of the blank canvas of white marble, I love the coral and fuchsia incorporated into this floral overlay from BBJ Linen with a cerise border.  I want to use a black lamour base linen and black chivari chairs with black cushions.

BBJ Monte Carlo Overlay with Cerise Border

Black Chivari Chair

Square charger plates add another contemporary element and the cerise lamour napkins add a pop of color.

Black Square Charger Plate

Cerise Lamour Napkin

To  take advantage of the ceiling height in the Jepson Center, I chose this tall black vase from Accent Decor with a monochromatic ball of fuchsia peonies for the centerpiece.  Staying with a geometric shape, such as the ball design for the centerpiece, repeats the modern feel that I am trying to accomplish.

Black Vase from Accent Decor

Fuchsia peonies

Now I am on the search for place card holders and interesting candle holders.  The Jepson Center does not allow real candles, so I need to find battery or LED lights that will work with the table setting and be functional.  Next week, I will finish the table design and focus on the ceremony setting.  Your thoughts are always welcomed and you can follow us on twitter and facebook.


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