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No one can love you like your mother.  That is a fact.  Another fact: no one can annoy you quite like your mother either :)  Being that yesterday was Mother’s Day and we all spent the day honoring our mothers or mother figures in our lives, I thought it would be interesting to find out how brides-to-be are involving their mothers in their special day.

Here at Harvey Designs we often have mothers and daughters (and a few brave fiances) come in to discuss the wedding day decor and flowers.  Moms are almost always an integral part of the wedding planning process.  They know us inside and out and have been our advocates and biggest fans our entire lives.  Besides the actual planning process, are there brides out there who are involving their mothers in a unique way?

Photo Courtesy of Jade McCulley

Sadly, not every bride gets to have her father walk her down the aisle.  Who better to give you away than your mom?  She has been dreaming of this day since you were born!   A friend of mine even had a mother/daughter dance at her reception.  Brides who have had the unfortunate experience of losing their mothers may find it hard on their big day.  Some brides choose to carry a memento in their bouquet or place a candle at the alter with a note in the program to keep the memory of their mother with them on their wedding day.

Photo Courtesy of Donna Von Bruening

They love us, they annoy us and no matter how hard we try, we find, we are becoming like them (it’s a good thing… really).  Whether your mother attends in person, or in spirit, there are many ways to be sure she is a special part of your day.  Let us know in the comments how your mom will be involved on your big day.   And a happy belated Mother’s Day to all those wonderful moms out there!

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