Wednesdays with Amy–Alternative Bouquets and Boutonnieres–Harvey Designs–Event Planner–Savannah, Ga.

Although I LOVE flowers, I do think these alternative bouquets and boutonnieres are great choices; especially in this Savannah heat.  Fantasy Floral Designs specializes in brooch bouquets and will customize a bouquet in any color scheme.  The bright, whimsical felt and button bouquet is from Princess Lasertron.

There is something to be said for craftiness.  I just want to know where they find all of these gorgeous brooches–looks like there are at least 30 in each bouquet.

Boutonnieres of feathers, buttons, paper, shells, leaves, acorns and berries are the perfect accompaniment for a whimsical bouquet.  Paper pinwheel is a cute idea for a beach wedding.  The flower girl could carry a larger pinwheel with ribbons and coordinating origami flower bouquets for the attendants.

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