Wednesdays with Amy–Hot Weather Bouquets–Floral and Event Design–Harvey Designs–Savannah, Ga.

Not all flowers are created equally!!!  Only the strong and determined can hold up in this Savannah 90 degree heat.  Succulents are one of the best alternatives to delicate spring blooms.  I love the different textures and colors of succulents.  From lime green to burgundy and even bluish tones, they certainly make a statement.  Here are a few lovely bouquets that we found from Polka Dot Bride, Elizabeth Anne Designs and Scarlet Petal.

If succulents aren’t your thing, there are a variety of flowers that can stand the heat; such as calla lilies, spider mums, and freesia.  Tropical flowers, such as orchids, pin cushion protea, anthuriums and birds of paradise are also great choices.  Try incorporating lily grass, fern curls, scabiosa or poppy pods, crespedia or berries for added texture.

Here are a few bouquets from the Harvey Designs gallery.  Please visit our site for more selections.  Thanks for reading and as always you can follow us on twitter or friend us on facebook.

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