Happy Father’s Day from Harvey Designs! | Event and Floral Design | Savannah, Ga

I’m a Daddy’s girl.  Not the spoiled kind, just the kind that grew up thinking her father had super powers.  (Heck, sometimes, I still think he does.)   Which reminds me of a father of the bride we had a few weeks ago who has a Dad with super powers, or some really good connections.

It was Liz’s big day.  Her ceremony was outside at  Washington Square.  The only problem was the rain.  A typical Savannah rain that just never let up.  And there was no rain plan!  (a wedding vendor’s worst nightmare!)  Her father was frantically pacing up and down the halls of the DeSoto Hilton trying to find an alternate venue for his daughter’s ceremony.  The hotel itself was full with two other weddings going on that day.

We proceeded as planned and went to set up the ceremony arrangements despite the rain.  We arrived at Washington Square and it was still raining, but just a little drizzle.  By the time we finished setting up the ferns we realized it had stopped raining and the sun had come out!  It was just a little patch of blue sky above the square.  We don’t know how it  happened, but we think the father made a deal with someone to ensure he had sunshine for his little girl’s big day.  :)

Liz's Father and Mother after a sunny ceremony! Photo courtesy of Greg Ceo Savannah Wedding Photographer

We are so glad it all worked out!  And we are so thankful for the fathers and father figures in our lives.  They might not have super powers, but the fact that they help us in times of need and are always there for us is pretty super to me!


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