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It is HOT!  No doubt about that.  And for brides planning an outdoor ceremony or reception, there is no way to avoid it.  A few weeks back Amy talked about flowers that can stand up to a Savannah Summer, but what about your guests?  How can you keep them from wilting?  Here are five suggestions to keep you and your guests from losing their cool.


Heat is dangerous for the elderly and the very young so keep lots of water available for guests to avoid dehydration.

A few galvanized buckets, some ice and cute personalized labels make a lovely display.

Many sites offer personalized labels, or you could DIY which would be easy if you are making your own programs.

Misters and Mrs.

One way to cool off is to bring the temperature down.  Large industrial mist fans can lower the temperature and make quite a difference.

Just add water!

Misting fans are easy to rent and some are rather stylish.   Not a fan of large misting fans?  Downsize!

A variety of colors makes customization easy!

A wedding date, names or logo printed on these hand-held fans would make a lovely favor.   Don’t want so much water involved?

Paper Please

An eco-friendly alternative to misting fans: paper or straw fans do double duty as a way to cool off and a program!

Chic and environmentally friendly.

You can order complete fans or DIY here!  Wouldn’t those be perfect for a beach wedding?  Not having a beach themed wedding?  Try these!

Customizable with quotes or coordinating stationery!

Go with something other than the square paddle fans and try this DIY a la Martha Stewart.  Or keep it simple with fan folded paper.  Check out these other fan inspirations!

Put it on ice

Instant ice packs (yes the ones that were fun to crush and shake when you were a kid) placed on pressure points such as the back of the neck, wrists and behind your knees will help keep you cool.

Cover it in a bandanna for a country theme or any coordinating fabric.

Cover the unsightly ice pack and tie with a ribbon and include instructions on a tag.  These are great for an outdoor ceremony as they can sit outside in the heat but won’t melt.

Be Shady

This time of year it feels about 10 degrees cooler in the shade.  If you are planning an outdoor wedding try to pick a venue with a covered area or a heavily treed park or rent a tent.  A wide open space allows for cooling breezes.

Or make your own shade with these personalized parasols!

These would make lovely favors for the ladies, while a table offering slick shades or cooling fans gives the gentleman a way to stay cool.

Bonus Tip

With the heat comes lowered appetites.   Offer light options such as frozen grapes or watermelon that are cool and refreshing.  Another great idea is a fruit juice bar or lemonade stand.

What are some ways you keep cool in this heat?  Any unique ways brides have kept their cool for an outdoor wedding?

Thanks for stopping by and stay cool!

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