Build Your Own Bouqet | Harvey Designs | Event and Floral Design | Savannah , GA

Somebody beat us to the punch!  The ladies over at Designed by the Bride have created an interactive bouquet builder!  And I must say it is amazing.  I have already played around with it and created lovely bouquets.  There are a variety of flowers and greenery along with accessories.  There are different galleries to make centerpieces, bouquets and cakes!  Along with the Preston Bailey color palette you could create an entire wedding design online!

A lovely bouquet of pink and burgundy dahlias, white lisianthus and lily of the valley.  My first attempt was not as fancy.   I have yet to try the cake or centerpieces galleries so do check it out and share your design with us!  Save your creation then TWEET us your picture!  You will have a link emailed to you for you to show off your work from designed by the bride.  (you will have to turn off your pop up blocker in order to save your work.)

Well I must get back to work, but the rest of you should go make a bouquet or two and show your work off!  Have a wonderful Monday and thanks for stopping by!

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