Wednesdays with Amy–Inspiration from Key West, FL–Event Designer–Harvey Designs

Although I love Savannah, magnolia trees, Spanish moss, azaleas, crape myrtles, dogwood trees and hydrangeas, it is a nice change to drive south and start seeing unusual trees and plants that are not native to Savannah.  The colors seem to be more intense and everything grows larger as well as year round.  Our indoor house plants are staples in the landscaping at Key West.  Huge ficus trees, dracenas, ti and philodendrons are everywhere.   The banyan trees are amazing.  The Schefflera plants actually bloom with long spikes of tiny red flowers, bromeliads are abundant as well as chenille plants, pintas and plumeria.

I love the vibrant reds and oranges found in ixora and the Royal Poinciana trees.  Now I’m ready for some tropical weddings.

Caught a few butterflies and this little tropical bird in the butterfly conservatory.  The birds had babies, but I couldn’t get a picture, you could only hear them chirping.  I didn’t realize how hard it is to get pictures of butterflies.

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