What if They Say ‘No’ to the Dress? | Harvey Designs | Event and Floral Design | Savannah, Ga

I, like many of my Savannah Wedding Professionals colleagues, checked out “Say Yes to the Dress: ATL”  this past Friday.  I love the girls and guy of Kleinfeld’s so I was not going to miss this one!  It was great to see the Kelly/Dalton ceremony on TV.  We didn’t have a part in it, but it is always great to see something from your neighborhood, a place that you have been to, (countless times) on national TV!

The sneak peek show featured two brides who had to comply with a very Southern tradition.  Grandmothers!  Both these brides had very modern style, but had more traditional grandmothers who were paying for the dress.  One bride almost put her poor granny into cardiac arrest by trying on a short wedding dress!  ::SPOILER ALERT:: She ended up picking out a dress that she loved and that everyone agreed her late grandfather would have adored!  It brought tears to my eyes!

If you haven’t seen it here is my favorite clip!

Has anyone dealt with a bride (or have you been the bride) that has a very conservative  family member holding the purse strings?  How did you deal with it?  Was it easy to balance out the bride’s tastes while keeping the family out of the cardiologists office?  Discuss in the comments section!

Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back.  We have a few things in the works here at HD for our blog and our online shop!  Have a great Monday!

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