5 Things to Look for in a Floral Designer | Harvey Designs | Event and Floral Design | Savannah, GA

When looking for a floral designer for your wedding there are a few things you should consider before you commit and sign a contract.  Here are five that we thought should at least be paid attention to:

#1  Style:

When you look through their portfolio (if they don’t have work they feel like showing off RUN!)  do you see modern, chic, romantic designs?  Or do you see arrangements that remind you of your Aunt’s second wedding back in the 80’s?  Floral designs are constantly changing and if they haven’t done any new styles since the 80’s or haven’t updated their books since the 80’s you might want to look else where.

#2  Customer Service:

A very important thing to pay attention to.  Does the floral designer treat you like you’re a valued customer or are you just simply another bride-to-be that is taking up their time?  This is your big day and if they “simply cannot be bothered” then there’s no reason why you should be either.

#3 Personality

This goes along with customer service.  Do you get along with them?  You’re not marrying them (well they might be a DIYer, but that’s a different story) but you will be spending at least the next 6 months leading up to your wedding exchanging emails and phone calls and meetings.  Make sure they understand you and can see your vision for your wedding.   If you can’t communicate with them fuhggeddaboutit.

#4 Organization:

Do they know where your proposal is?  Do they know where they are?  (Yes, they could be that out of it.)  Just make sure they can keep track of multiple things at once.  If they are not organized on a regular day of work how will they be able to handle the hustle and bustle of a wedding day set up?

#5 Price:

For a budget bride (and who isn’t these days with this economy… right?) this last point is very important.  A floral designer may say they can work with your budget, but make sure you get VALUE for every one of those dollars you spend.  Sometimes quality is sacrificed for the sake of the bottom line so while you may be concerned about how much it will cost you just make sure you get quality.  A good floral designer can make a shoe string budget look amazing and still have quality.  It just takes some flexibility and creativity.

Hope these tips helped.  It can be daunting to find the right vendors for a wedding with all the choices out there today.  If you can find quality vendors the only thing you will have to worry about on your big day is if you can die from being so happy.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep stopping by and checking for updates.  We are working on some pretty exciting stuff!

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