Wednesdays with Amy–One size fits all bridesmaid dresses–Event and Floral Designer–Savannah, GA

If your bridal party is a bit eclectic in size, shape and style, one size fits all dresses are the perfect “fit” for your wedding.  I was actually shocked at the number of tasteful styles that one could wrap themselves into.  Some a bit more Grecian goddess for me, but nonetheless elegant.  Butter by Nadia’s signature wrap dress is offered in 21 colors as well as different fabric options such as satin and jersey.

The Satin Ball Gown could be worn as a bridal gown to coordinate with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Twobirds bridesmaid also has a one size fits all dress that can be wrapped in 15 different styles, is offered in 18 colors and comes in 4 different lengths.  With two size options, 0-14 and 16-24, you should be able to accommodate almost any attendant.

Etsy is the perfect place to shop for fabric flowers to accent the waist of your dress.   Buy assorted sizes and create a cluster.

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