Weekend Review: The Emmys | Harvey Designs | Event and Floral Design | Savannah, GA

As I am sure you are all aware, The Emmys were on last night.   I wish I had been able to watch them live, yes I know shame on me!, but that opening act was amazing no?  As were the fashions.  I am reading the fashion reviews and there are a few trends that I think can go from “red carpet” to “wedding aisle”.  Here are my top three!


Black is always popular for such a formal event as the Emmys, but a few stars picked up on the trend of navy or dark plum as the new black.  No I am not advocating a navy bridal gown (though some girls can make it work and more power to them) but these colors are universally flattering and are a good choice for bridesmaids.  Or groomsmen, depending on how bold they care to be.  A navy suit instead of black would be very stylish.

Lea Michele from "Glee" in a striking navy gown by Oscar de la Renta, a simple navy sweetheart neckline cocktail dress, and a universally flattering v-neck a line dress.

Jane Lynch rocks a deep one shoulder plum gown (two trends in one!) and Christina Hendricks looks lovely in a very difficult to pull off lilac gown.

The lighter hues of purple can be difficult to pull off so opt for the deeper plum, or a more subtle dark lilac.

One Shoulder

Instant drama!  An embellished single shoulder or a very edgy and modern cut makes an instant statement by drawing attention to a single strap on a dress as opposed to the very balanced tradition of two symmetrical straps.

Elisabeth Moss looks oh so elegant in a one shoulder draped gown. Vera Wang (bottom right) featured one shoulder dresses in her collection this year.

One shoulder gowns can be very romantic and almost Grecian (another trend at the Emmys) or modern and art deco.


Sequins can be challenging.  It’s hard to avoid looking like a Vegas show girl (unless that’s what you’re going for, then by all means rock it out) or like you just got back from senior prom.  The trick is simplicity.

Clair Danes dazzles in a sequinned sheath. No extra accessories needed. The vintage cocktail dress and long wrap dress show us how to do sequins more subtly.

One option is to go for a little retro flair and have a small amount of sequins concentrated on the bust or to go all out, but have a very simple cut and no other embellishments.  (Imagine Whitney’s dress with a lovely navy sash instead of black!)

I don’t know about you, but there are very few occasions I have for wearing a “red carpet” gown so I (along with most of the rest of you ladies) will make my “wedding aisle” gown as close to my dream of a Hollywood gown as I possibly can.  Doesn’t hurt to keep up on the trends so I always keep an eye out for good ideas especially during awards season when Hollywood is at its best!

As always, thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think in the comments.  Were there any trends you thought were just great for a wedding or were you worried about the sanity of some of your favorite celebs?

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