Weekend Review: Leanne and David | Harvey Designs | Event and Floral Design | Savannah, GA

Who says science can’t be romantic?!  This weekend review features a creative use of scientific glass containers in a romantic, vintage wedding.  I think this wedding is one of my most favorite weddings from a creative standpoint.  I love the personalization and creativity.  Leanne took her passion for literature and David’s passion for science and came up with the sweetest design and it is oh-so-cute!

We had close to 100 different science-y glass containers, and almost as many books!

Bethesda’s Whitefield Chapel is the location for a very simple and charming ceremony.  It’s the perfect location for an intimate ceremony.

Arrangements for the chapel doors, altar, and pews all featuring peaches, pinks, yellows and corals in soft vintage shades.

Only a few miles down the road, the reception is held at The Landings’ Country club for an intimate celebration with family and friends.

I love it! Vintage and romantic and just perfect for this couple.

I had a hard time not taking a sample of the cake by Two Cakes as we were setting up!  Delicious!

Test tubes with flowers on the bar, little groupings of beakers and a book for every guest!

Best wishes for Leanne and David!  It is always a pleasure to work with such creative brides.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check back for our Wednesdays with Amy and Featured Wedding Fridays!

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