Let’s Get Technical- Centerpiece Height

We hear this question a lot: “But will it be too tall?  Will my guests be able to see each other at the table?”   No one wants their guests playing “dodge the arrangement” to see who is sitting on the other side of the table.  When a bride wants the drama of a tall centerpiece we always suggest she go with a clear vase and keep the arrangement at the top of the vase to allow visibility at the guests eye level.

Image courtesy of Shannon Christopher

A candelabra with a thin mid section works as long as the arrangement is kept up high.

Image courtesy of Garrett Nudd Photography

For lower arrangements, keep the container height  under 11″ because the flowers will add to the overall height of the centerpiece.   We are trying to keep everything out of our guests line of sight.  Rule of thumb: keep the overall measurement under 18″.  If you have a taller container, you will need a lower, more mounded arrangement.

Image courtesy of Tim Willoughby

If you have a shorter container, you have more room for the flowers.

Of course, if there’s a rule it will be broken.  But if you want your guests to have a clear view of whomever is sitting across from them, then you might want to consider the height of your centerpieces.

Keep checking back here for more tips and tricks as well as inspirations boards from real weddings (maybe a day-dream wedding or two!) and behind the scenes updates on all that we’re doing here at Harvey Designs!




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