Nautical Trend

Ahoy there!  Have you seen all the nautical themed items lately?  We certainly have and it inspired us to design a nautical themed wedding inspiration board.  Of course, with any design aesthetic, the hardest part is to keep from being too theme-y.  While we all love the look, we don’t want the guests to be hit over the head with it.

A few well placed themed pieces and little hints here and there are all that is needed to suggest a theme without going overboard (oh you knew that was coming!)  The red coxcomb and red protea look like sea urchins.  The traditional red, yellow, blue and white of nautical signal flags are interpreted through flowers and will pop against the sail cloth linens.   I am personally LOVING the nautical chart.  It would be very to personalize a place card table with a chart of some place that holds sentimental value for the bride and groom.
Check back soon!  We are going to have plenty of inspiration boards for real weddings and just for fun!

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