Let’s Get Technical: Visualizing Your Wedding


It’s an important step in the creative process, OK maybe it’s THE #1 important step in the creative process, but for non-creative types it’s very difficult to do.  Visualization.  In order for anything to be created, we must first SEE it.  And when it comes to custom weddings, a lot of what we do does not exist in the form of an image that we can physically show a bride.  This is where we rely on our bride to 1- have faith in our abilities and 2- to do a little work of her own and visualize what we are describing.  If that’s difficult for you, here are three tips to improve your imagination and ability to visualize something abstract.

1- Imagine an apple.  Is it red or green?  What does the skin look like?  Now cut the apple open, what does the inside look like?  How does it taste?  How does it smell?  Use all 5 senses and, in your mind,  imagine what that apple is like.   Build on this with people you are familiar with, imagine them.   Then try imagine them doing different things or wearing different clothes, with a different hairstyle.

It sounds silly, but if you can hold a very familiar image in your mind and imagine  details about it, it will be easier to imagine things that are unfamiliar.

2- Spend some time relaxing (impossible for brides, you say!?)  getting your mind free of distractions.  It is easier to imagine abstract ideas when you don’t have a million things bombarding you.  It’s a great reason to book a spa day :)

3- READ!  An author can be as descriptive as possible, but in the end it is still up to you to create the world the author is describing.  It’s a great way to practice imagining something unfamiliar.

Hopefully these tips will help you when trying to imagine your wedding.  They will help with any creative task, so try them out!  Here are a few more exercises, dealing with geometry and visualization.  We tried them and some are VERY tough!  Good Luck!

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