Five Reasons to Shop Local

You’ve heard of Black Friday, but have you heard of Small Business Saturday?  In the rush to get all of our Holiday shopping done we usually just hit the MEGA stores and do a one stop shopping trip.  But have you considered checking out your local stores?  And this applies to more than stuffing stockings or finding that gift for your friend who already has everything a human could need or want.  While planning your wedding, use local vendors and support the small businesses in the area.  Here are five reasons for shopping local for your wedding and for this Holiday Season!
1) You will support small businesses!

If you are getting married in your home town you will more than likely know these small business owners, or know their families.  Help give a little back to your community.  As far as holiday shopping goes, local businesses are in a hard fight against the mega stores, and the Holidays can be a very good time for them to make up for a slow year.

2) Meet your neighbors!

Even if you don’t know the business owner, chances are they know someone you do know.  And that gives you a great peace of mind knowing your wedding vendors a little better.  It’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season, but knowing your store owner, and knowing they have a connection to you makes it more enjoyable.

3) Higher quality products!

Small businesses don’t have the huge inventory and massive sales to make up for a few shoddy products or botched jobs.  They make sure they are always putting their best out there.  This goes for weddings and the holidays.

4) Customer Service!

There is an air of intimacy with a smaller business, you are possibly dealing directly with the owner of the company instead of some regional manager.

5) Fewer Lines!

This might not apply to weddings, but it certainly helps the Holiday shopping!  Smaller businesses tend to have smaller lines!  You may have to go to a few different stores to get everything, but you won’t be standing in one line for two hours :)

No matter where you go for your special day, or this Holiday Season, make sure you enjoy every moment of it!

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