Let Me Tell You…

Weather here in Savannah is CRAZY!  We had a photo shoot yesterday for South Magazine‘s Celebration Issue with Donna Von Bruening, Dollface by Jules, BleuBelle, Savannah Special Events by Ranco, Lilian’s China and Custom Cakes at Old Fort Jackson.  We knew there was a chance of rain, but it looked like we could get the shoot in before it started.  We were wrong.

2012-12-17 14.48.54

A little overcast but not bad.  We managed to get everything set up and looking perfect, but then…

2012-12-17 15.57.50

The wind picked up and these dark clouds rolled in.  We had to clear the table and get anything breakable out of the wind!  The storm lasted about half an hour and then it was gone.  After the storm passed we were able to put everything back in place and got the shoot in before we lost the light!  Here are a few teaser pics for you!!

2012-12-17 16.10.23

2012-12-17 16.10.30

2012-12-17 16.18.05

Special thanks to everyone at Ft Jackson who stayed to help and kept us updated on the weather.  Thank you Beth and Josh for coming out and braving the storm.  And thank you precious little Izzie, for putting up with all the craziness and interrupting your nap time :)  Keep an eye out for South Magazine’s Celebration Issue!  It’s going to look fantastic!

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